Sharp LC-M3710 Computer Monitor User Manual

Basic Operation
Menu screen explanation
Menu screen duration
» The menu screen will revert to the normal screen if there is no operation for 1 minute while the menu
screen is displayed.
Language setting
» The On-Screen Display language can be set to Japanese, English, German, French or Spanish.
See page 36 for details.
» Menu options differ between the AV and PC modes, but operating procedures are the same.
» The menu item illustrations in this operation manual are for explanation purposes (some are enlarged; others
cropped) and may vary slightly from the actual displays.
Menu Items (Continued)
"Menu screen example (partial)
Power control Setup Option
Control Lock
Input Select
Picture Flip
Input 2 Select
ID No. Setting
Panel Protection Cover
Operation guide
Set Picture Direction
MENU [Setup···Picture Flip]
Upside Down
: Select/ : Back : Exit
Item displayed in yellow
» This shows the current setting for the item.
» This indicates item currently selected.
» Press ENTER to go to the adjustment screen for
this item.
Item displayed with gray characters
» These items cannot be selected.
There are various reasons why items cannot be
selected, but the main reasons are as follows:
1. There is no signal.
2. The function is not compatible with the
current input signal.
Most picture adjustment options cannot be
selected in the following states:
1. When Underscan is selected in Wide Mode.
2. With a PC (digital) signal.
Item in brackets
This shows the remote control buttons which
can be used with the currently displayed screen,
and their functions.
» This indicates that an item can be selected.
Items displayed in white
» Operate by following this operation guide.