Sharp LC-M3710 Computer Monitor User Manual

PC Operation
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Advanced operation
This section explains commands for daisy chain connection. The basic communication procedure is
the same as in the Basic operation section.
<ID numbers>
You can assign a unique ID number to each monitor (see page 56). This allows you to control a
particular monitor in a daisy chain of monitors.
Up to about 20 monitors can be connected, depending on the length of RS-232C cables and
installation environment.
You can assign ID numbers either from the menu screen (via remote control or the control buttons on
the monitor) or from the PC using RS-232C cable.
PC ID number: 1 ID number: 2 ID number: 3 ID number: 4
If monitors are connected as shown above, you can execute commands like Set the volume of the
monitor with ID 4 to 20.
When controlling monitors linked in a daisy chain by designating ID numbers, you should basically
avoid any duplication of ID numbers.
If the same ID number is assigned to multiple monitors, only the monitor closest to the PC can be
controlled with that ID number.
If monitors are connected as shown below, only the monitor 1 can be accessed with ID number 2.
Monitor 2 cannot be controlled using that ID number.
PC ID number: 1 ID number: 2 ID number: 2 ID number: 3
ID numbers do not have to be assigned in ascending order starting from the PC. They can also be
connected as shown below.
PC ID number: 3 ID number: 2 ID number: 4 ID number: 1
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