Sharp LC-M3710 Computer Monitor User Manual

» When set to Enlarge (i.e. with a 2 × 2 or 3 × 3 setting), the screen size is fixed in Full mode.
» When using the screen size selection function of this monitor, the appearance of the original video may change if
you select a screen size with a different aspect ratio than the original image (i.e. TV broadcast or video input from
an external device). Please consider this point when selecting the screen size.
» Using this monitors screen size switching function to compress or expand the screen for commercial or public
viewing in establishments like cafes or hotels may infringe on the rights of creators, as protected by Copyright
Law, so please be careful.
» When ordinary non-wide image (4:3) is viewed with the whole screen using the screen size switching function of
this monitor, the edge of the image may be lost or appear distorted. If you wish to respect the creators intensions,
set the screen size to Normal.
» When playing commercial software, parts of the image (like subtitles) image may be cropped. In this case select
the optimal screen size using Wide Mode and adjust the vertical position (see Position on page 55). With
some software, there may be noise or distortion at the edges or top of the screen. This is due to the
characteristics of the software, and is not a malfunction.
» Depending on the original image size (i.e. CinemaScope size), black bands may remain at the top and bottom of
the screen.
When operating from Menu screen:
1Press MENU and the MENU screen displays.
2Press \/| to select Option.
3Press '/" to select Wide Mode, and then press ENTER.
4Press '/"/\/| to select desired screen size.
5Press MENU to turn off the MENU screen.
Settings and Adjustments (Continued)