Sharp LC-M3710 Computer Monitor User Manual

Troubleshooting (Continued)
Warning when temperature rises
Nature of warning:
“Temperature” flashes at the lower right corner of the screen. The monitor automatically enters standby
mode if temperature continues to rise.
If the monitor enters standby mode due to a rise in temperature, you can turn on the power on again in
the usual way using the remote control or buttons on the monitor. However the monitor will enter standby
mode again if the cause of the temperature rise is not eliminated.
Check whether the monitor is placed at a location where a quick rise in temperature is likely. Internal
temperature rises quickly if the vents on the back are blocked.
Internal temperature rises quickly if dust accumulates inside the monitor or around the vents. Remove
dust if possible. Ask your dealer about removing internal dust.
Cracking sound
The monitor sometimes makes a cracking sound.
» You may hear cracking sound from the monitor. This happens when the cabinet slightly
expands and contracts according to change in temperature. This does not affect the
monitor’s performance.