Sharp AL-1631 All in One Printer User Manual

Using the SPF
The SPF is designed to hold up to 30 originals measuring from 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" to
8-1/2" x 14" and weighting from 14 lbs. to 23.9 lbs. (52g/m
to 90g/m
Make sure that no original is left on the document glass.
Adjust the original guides to the size
of originals.
Set the originals face up in the
document feeder tray.
Stream feeding mode
The stream feeding mode allows easy operation of continuous copying from the
SPF. If the stream feeding mode has been enabled using user program No.4, the
SPF ( ) indicator will blink approximately 5 seconds after the last original has
been fed by the SPF. While this indicator is blinking, any new originals placed in the
document feeder tray will be fed and copied automatically. If the stream feeding
mode has been disabled, the start ( ) key must be pressed each time the
originals are set even immediately after completion of a copy run from the SPF. The
default setting of the stream feeding mode is "ON". See "USER PROGRAMS" (p.55).
Before feeding originals in the document feeder tray, be sure to
remove any staples or paper clips from them.
Before placing curled or wavy originals into the document feeder tray,
be sure to flatten them. If not, original misfeeds may result.
The SPF ( ) indicator on the operation panel will light up. If this
indicator does not light up, the originals are not properly set or the
SPF is not properly closed.
Badly damaged originals may misfeed in the SPF. It is recommended
that such originals be copied from the document glass.
Special originals such as transparency film should not be fed through
the SPF, but should be placed directly on the document glass.
Image loss (max. 5/32" (4mm)) can occur at the leading and trailing
edges of the copies. Also image loss (max. 11/64" (4.5mm) in total)
can occur along the other edges of the copies. It can be 15/64" (6mm)
(max.) at the trailing edge of the second copy of two-sided copying.
To stop continuous copying using the SPF, press the clear ( )
Copying using one-sided to one-sided mode(AL-1641CS):
Ensure that no indicator is lit among the original to copy indicators.
Original face up