Sharp LL-M17W1 Computer Monitor User Manual

Stylish, incredibly thin LCD computer monitor
and full function television all in one.
A computer monitor never looked so good, or did so much.
LCD TV Monitor
17" Wide XGA (1,280 x 768)
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Built-in TV Tuner
15" XGA (1,028 x 768)
Built-in TV Tuner lets you watch high resolution TV without having to start up your PC
This display is both a full function LCD TV with 181 channel TV tuner, and a superior quality LCD computer monitor.
You can easily connect any video source including DVD players, VCR's, camcorders, Cable or Satellite TV, in
addition to your personal computer.
17" wide-screen LCD displays both your video source and computer information
The LL-M17W1 uses a extremely bright (400 cd/m
) 17-inch WXGA LCD with wide viewing angles (170° horizontally
and vertically) and high contrast ratio (600:1), which displays clear images from any viewing angle.
Note: The LL-M15X1 has a brightness of 300 cd/m
viewing angles of 160° horizontally and 135° vertically and a
contrast ratio of 350:1.
Picture-in-Picture function lets you work on your PC, while you
watch your favorite video source in a smaller PIP window. (LL-M17W1)
Incredibly thin space saving design for easy portability
A built-in carrying handle lets you easily carry the monitor to different rooms in the house, like
from your bedroom to the living room, depending on the video source. In addition, a
protective panel is provided (LL-T17W1) to ensure bright pictures and protect against bumps
and scratches when moving the monitor.
Environment-friendly design and Power Save mode
With a touch of a button on the remote control, these monitors can be switched to power saving mode ("Dark Mode")
that reduces unnecessary screen brightness and lowers power consumption. They also place less burden on the
environment than ever before, with the use of non-halogen material for the main unit cabinet and do not utilize
Styrofoam packing.