Siemens SE105 Network Router User Manual

Gigaset Router / de / A31008-E105-B100-2-19 / / 05.06.2003
Claims under the guarantee cannot be made if the defect or damage was caused by
improper care or use. Improper care or use includes the following:
Opening the device (this is classed as third-party intervention)
Manipulating components on the printed circuit board
–Manipulating the software
Defects or damage caused by dropping, breaking, lightning or ingress of
moisture. This also applies if defects or damage were caused by mechanical,
chemical, radio interference or thermal factors (e.g. microwave, sauna, etc.).
Repairs or other work done by persons not authorised by us.
Devices fitted with accessories not authorised by Siemens.
Any further claims due to damage are excluded, such as damage arising outside the
device, provided this was not due to gross negligence and/or intent on our part.
Claims under the guarantee must be made as soon as the defect is noticed.
A till receipt showing the date of purchase must be presented as proof. Each claim
under the guarantee is accepted with the express reservation that subsequent
investigations confirm the validity of the claim.
Any devices or components that are replaced become our property.
The costs of materials and labour will be borne by us, but not the costs of transport,
postage or freight.
We are entitled, at our discretion, to make technical changes (such as firmware
updates) beyond repair or replacement in order to upgrade the device to the latest
state of the art. There is no additional charge to the customer for this work. Our
decision is final. Any legal claims are excluded.
The guarantee is valid in the country of purchase. It applies only if the device is
operated in the relevant geographical area in accordance with the information on
the packaging and in the operating instructions.
Any further claims are excluded. Siemens is not liable in any circumstances for
downtime, loss of profits, loss of data or loss of any other information. The customer
alone is responsible for safeguarding such data and information.
Changes to this guarantee require prior approval by Siemens in writing.
Guarantee period
The guarantee applies in countries in the EU from 1 January 2002 for a period of 24
In all other countries the guarantee period shall be the relevant minimum statutory
guarantee period, but no longer than 24 months.
The guarantee period starts on the day of purchase by the customer.
A successful claim under the guarantee does not extend the guarantee period.
Work under the guarantee is handled by our Customer Care Centres.