Siemens SE105 Network Router User Manual

Gigaset Router / de / A31008-E105-B100-2-19 / / 05.06.2003
A DHCP Server automatically assigns the connected network components (DHCP
Clients) Dynamic IP addresses from a defined IP address pool thus saving a great deal of
configuration work. It also allows address pools to be used more effectively: Since not
all participants are on the network at the same time, the same IP address can be
assigned to different network components in succession as and when required.
The Gigaset Router includes a DHCP Server and so it can automatically assign IP
addresses for the PCs on its local network. You can configure the Lease time so that once
an IP address has been assigned it will never change.
DHCP Server
Demilitarised Zone
DMZ describes a part of a network that is outside the Firewall. A DMZ is so to speak set
up between a network you want to protect (e. g. a LAN) and an insecure network (e. g.
the Internet). A DMZ is useful if you want to offer Server services on the Internet which
for security reasons are not to be run from behind the firewall or if Internet applications
do not work properly behind a firewall. A DMZ permits unrestricted access from the
Internet to only one or a few network components, while the other network
components remain secure behind the firewall.
Domain Name System
DNS permits the assignment of IP addresses to computer or Domain names that are
easier to remember. A DNS Server has to administer this information for each LAN with
an Internet connection. As soon as a page on the Internet is called up, the browser
obtains the corresponding IP address from the DNS Server so that it can establish the
On the Internet the assignment of Domain names to IP addresses follows a hierarchical
system. A local PC only knows the address of the local Name Server. This in turn knows
all the addresses of the computers in the local network and the next higher Name
Server, which again knows addresses in its network and that of the next Name Server.
DNS Server
Domain name
The Domain name is the reference to one or more Web Servers on the Internet. The
Domain name is mapped via the DNS service to the corresponding IP address.
DoS attack
Denial of Service
A DoS attack is a particular form of hacker attack directed at computers and networks
with a connection to the Internet. The aim is not so much to steal data but to paralyse
the computer or network to such an extent that the network resources are no longer
available. A typical hacker attack involves making a remote computer announce that it
is acting for the paralysed machine for example and receive the data meant for you.
Digital Subscriber Line