Siemens SE105 Network Router User Manual

Gigaset Router / de / A31008-E105-B100-2-19 / / 05.06.2003
DSL is a data transmission technique in which a connection to the Internet can be run
at 1.5 Mbps over normal telephone lines. A DSL connection is provided by an Internet
Service Provider. It requires a DSL modem.
Dynamic IP address
A dynamic IP address is assigned to a network component automatically via DHCP.
Depending on the setting for the Lease time the IP address of a network component can
change every time it logs on or in certain time intervals.
See also: Static IP address
Dynamic DNS
Domain Name Service (DNS) is used to assign Domain names and IP addresses. For
Dynamic IP addresses this service is now enhanced with so-called Dynamic DNS
(DynDNS). This permits the use of a PC with a changing IP address as a Server on the
Internet. DynDNS ensures that a service can always be addressed on the Internet under
the same Domain name regardless of the current IP address.
Encryption protects confidential information against unauthorised access. With an
encryption system data packets can be sent securely over a network. The Gigaset Router
WEP encryption for secure data transmission over wireless networks.
Ethernet is a network technology for local networks (LAN) defined by IEEE as Standard
IEEE 802.3. Ethernet uses a base band cable with a transmission rate of 10 or 100 Mbps.
Firewalls are used by network operators as protection against unauthorised external
access. This involves a whole bundle of hardware and software actions and technologies
that monitor and control the data flow between the private network to be protected and
an unprotected network such as the Internet.
See also: NAT, SPI
Flat rate
Flat rate is a particular billing system for Internet connections The Internet Service
Provider charges a monthly fee regardless of the duration and number of logins.
Full duplex
Data transmission mode in which data can be sent and received at the same time.
See also: Half duplex
A Gateway is a device for connecting networks with completely different architectures
(addressing, protocols, application interfaces etc.). Although it is not totally correct, the
term is also used as a synonym for Router.
Global IP address
See Public IP address
Half duplex
Operating mode for data transfer. Only one side can receive or send data at a time.
See also: Full duplex