Sony ERS-7 Robotics User Manual

Foot stopper
Open the cover.
Securely hold the body of the
AIBO robot from above, turn it
upside down, and open the
stomach compartment cover.
Insert the battery and
close the cover.
Hold the battery with the
connector facing downward, then
insert it into the slot until you hear
it click into place, and close the
Insert the “Memory Stick”
media into the AIBO robot.
With the arrow pointing down and the
angled corner facing the AIBO robot’s
tail, insert the AIBO MIND software
“Memory Stick” media into the AIBO
robot until it is flush with the body.
Install the station marker and station pole.
Attach the station marker first, followed by the station pole.
(If you dont want to use the self-charging function, these
attachments are not necessary.)
Install the AC adapter cable
and foot stopper.
Route the AC adapter cable along the
wire guides and attach the foot stopper.
Charge the AIBO robot.
Plug the AC adapter into an AC outlet,
and place the AIBO robot on the Energy
(For information on appropriate locations
to place the Energy Station, refer to the
Users Guide (Basic).)
Press the Pause button.
The Pause mode ends and the
operation light turns green.
In a moment, the AIBO robot
will automatically begin
Place the AIBO robot on
the floor in this position.
Place the AIBO robot on a flat,
non-slippery surface, such as a
low pile carpet with a hard nap.
First insert the battery and AIBO MIND software Memory Stick
media into the
Entertainment Robot and set up the Energy Station.
Engage the cover
latch in the hinge
on the body.
1 Attach the station
marker as shown.
AC adapter cable
2 Attach the station pole.
Quick Guide
In the following cases, the AIBO robot may not understand what you say.
While the AIBO robot is emitting sounds or moving, it cannot hear you easily.
The AIBO robot may not recognize several words depending on its mode or condition.
Even though the AIBO robot understands you, it may choose not to respond or do as
you say.
The AIBO robot cannot hear you if its surroundings are noisy. Call out to the AIBO robot
under quiet conditions.
If you say a word whose pronunciation is unclear, the AIBO robot cannot
recognize it. Speak very clearly.
When the AIBO robot is at the puppy stage, it can only understand a limited
number of words. For details about the words that the AIBO robot can
understand when it is at the puppy stage, refer to page 72 of the Users Guide
(Basic) for the AIBO Entertainment Robot ERS-7.
Calling the AIBO robots name
AIBO./Registered name
(the name you gave AIBO).
The AIBO robot reacts when it is called. Even after the AIBO robot
learns its own name, it reacts when you call it AIBO.
Teaching the AIBO robot
Name registration.
Give a name to the AIBO robot.
What’s your name?
The AIBO robot says the name you gave to it in its own voice.
Owner registration.
You can teach the AIBO robot its owners (your) name.
What’s your owner’s name?
The AIBO robot says its owners name (your name) in its own voice.
Praising, scolding, or encouraging the AIBO robot
Good AIBO./Good boy./Good girl.
These words are for praising the AIBO robot. They have the same
effect as when you praise the AIBO robot by
the sensors on
the back of the AIBO robot.
Don’t do that.
These words are for scolding the AIBO robot. They have the same
effect as when you scold the AIBO robot by
the sensors on
the back of the AIBO robot.
Go for it./How cute.
These words are for encouraging the AIBO robot.
Good morning./Hello./Good night./Bye bye./Good bye./I’m here./
Say hello./Shake hands.
Go to the Station.
Entertainment Robot starts the procedure for self-charging.
Taking a picture
Take a picture.
The AIBO robot takes a picture with its built-in camera.
Playing with the AIBOne toy
Find your AIBOne.
The AIBO robot looks for the AIBOne toy.
Bring me your AIBOne.
When you say this while the AIBO robot is holding the AIBOne toy in
its mouth, the AIBO robot comes to you.
Playing with the ball
Find your ball.
The AIBO robot looks for the ball.
Wake-up setting
Set alarm.
Lets you set the wake-up function ON or OFF.
Come here./Over here./Sit down./Stand up./Lay down./Turn right./
Turn left./Walk around./Go forward./Go back.
Questions for the AIBO robot
Are you sleepy?/Are you tired?/Are you bored?/How are you?
The AIBO robot shows its current condition with its face lights.
Are you hungry?
The AIBO robot shows the remaining battery power level by the number
of face lights. The more lights are lit, the more power is still left.
What’s your AIBOne skill level?
What’s your pink ball skill level?
What’s your walking skill level?
The AIBO robot shows its state of progress with the face lights.
Special actions
Let’s dance.
The AIBO robot shows you its dance repertoire.
Printed in Japan © 2003 Sony Corporation
Printed on recycled paper
Words understood by the AIBO
Entertainment Robot
For information on words understood by the AIBO robot when you
are using the wireless LAN function, refer to the
Users Guide (PC·Network) for the AIBO Entertainment Robot