Sony MRW-EA7 Barcode Reader User Manual

G:\SONY PD\Data 2010\Sony PD_O1 model\MRW-EA7 mod-
3-218-810-23 (1)
Disconnecting the
From the
Do not disconnect the reader/writer from the
computer while the access indicator is blinking.
Doing so may cause damage to the data stored on
the memory card.
Be sure to follow the steps described below.
Sony accepts no responsibility for any damage or
loss that results from disconnecting the reader/
writer without following the procedure
described below.
x For Windows other than Windows 7
The following explanation is illustrated with
screens from Windows XP, and assumes that
drive names E:, F:, G:, H: and I: are assigned
to the four slots of the reader/writer.
The screens may differ for other versions of
1 Click [Safely Remove Hardware]
on the task tray, located at the
lower right corner of the screen.
2 Click [Safely remove USB Mass
Storage Device - Drives (E:, F:,
G:, H:, I:)].
3 Make sure the message “The
‘USB Mass Storage Device’
device can now be safely
removed from the system.”
appears, and then disconnect
the reader/writer.
The above steps are not required when removing a
memory card from the reader/writer.
x For Windows 7
1 Click the Start Button.
2 Click Devices and Printers.
3 Right click [USB2.0 Card R/W]
drive icon.
4 One by one ejects all removable
disks or select eject when all
medias are inserted to drive.
Click this icon
Task tray
Click here
The ‘USB Mass Storage Device’ device
can now be safely removed from the
system. Page 12 Friday, July 23, 2010 5:21 PM