Sony MRW-EA7 Barcode Reader User Manual

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3-218-810-23 (1)
Usage Notes
“Memory Stick” Media
Notes on using “Memory Stick”
Do not remove “Memory Stick” media
while data is being read or written.
Data may be damaged if:
You remove “Memory Stick” media or
disconnect the USB cable while data is
being read or written.
You use “Memory Stick” media in a
place where it is susceptible to static
electricity or electric noise.
We recommend that you make a backup
copy of important data in “Memory Stick”
Do not touch the terminal of “Memory
Stick” media with anything including your
fingers or metalic objects.
Do not bent, drop or put a big impact on
“Memory Stick” media.
Do not disassemble or modify “Memory
Stick” media.
Keep “Memory Stick” media away from
Do not use or keep “Memory Stick” media
under an unfavorable condition as below:
Extremely hot place (such as in a parked
car with windows closed in summer, a
spot under direct sunlight, or near an
electrical appliance that radiates heat).
Humid place.
Place near corrosive substances.
If you set Write-Protected switch “LOCK,”
data cannot be recorded, edited, or erased.
Do not stick anything other than the
supplied labels on the label area of
“Memory Stick” media.
Stick a label precisely within the label area.
Make sure that the label does not go beyond
the area.
Notes on using “Memory Stick Duo”
When you use “Memory Stick Duo” media
without Write-Protected switch, be careful
not to edit or erase important data by
When you use “Memory Stick Duo” media
with Write-Protected switch, data cannot
be recorded, edited, or erased by “LOCK”
the switch.
Use an object with a sharp tip to move the
Write-Protected switch.
Do not press on the memo area strongly
when writing.
Other Points to Note
Media formatting
Do not format (initialize) memory cards with
a computer. If you format a memory card
with a computer, devices such as digital
cameras and mobile phone may not be able to
use it due to differences in format type (FAT
size, cluster size, hard disk type, or super
floppy disk type). If you use a digital camera,
format memory cards with your camera,
Restrictions on DOS mode
In Windows, the reader/ writer does not
operate in DOS mode.
To use the reader/writer, start up Windows.
Label area
Memo area
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