Sony AVIO Notebook Laptop User Manual

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EverQuest (On selected models)
Sony Online Entertainment Inc.
This introductory editio n of EverQuest, a livin g, constantly evolving fantasy
world, takes users to ne w heights of online role-playing gaming. Enter an
enormous virtual environment—an entire world with its own diverse species,
economic systems, alliances, and politics. Make yourself a noble human knight, a
vicious dark elf thief, a greedy dwarven merchant, or whatever your heart desires
as you meet new friends from around the world and face epic challenges.
Microsoft® Office XP Small Business Edition (On selected models)
Microsoft Corp.
W ith Microsoft Office XP system you’ll find a powerful new technology that will
help you get work done more quickly by providing real-time, context-sensitive
options for important actions, from formatting to error correction. Task pa nes
consolidate important tasks into a single integrated view, enabling you to conduct
searches, launch and format documents, and view the contents of your Clipboard
from one location.
Microsoft® Office XP Professional (On selected models)
Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft Office XP software redefines the relationship between people and
software by providing a smarter, simpler way of working. New Office XP
software features include context-sensitive smart tags, enhanced formatting
options, and more, that enable you to conti nually integrate additional services
into Office and access information anytime.
Microsoft® Word (On selected models)
Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft Word makes it easy to create common Web, e-mail, and print
documents for use around the world. It embraces HTML as a first-class file
format and extends Word's ease-of-use to the Web and e-mail. Word also extends
that ease-of-use to international users, making it easy to create multilingual