Sony AVIO Notebook Laptop User Manual

VAIO® Computer User Guide
4 VAIO Support Agent
You can find VAIO Support Agent by clickin g Start and selecting Help
and Support. Using advanced diagno st ic technology, Sony’s VAIO
Support Agent runs scheduled protect ions of your applications, network
settings, and other important software settings. When your software is
protected, you can use VAIO Support Agent to repair software probl ems
by restoring your software to any of the previously protected states.
5 Sony Computing Support
This service provides instant access to information on commonly
encountered problems. Enter a description of your problem and the
Knowledge Database searches for the corresponding solutions online.
You can access Sony Computing Support at:
6 Sony Fax-on-Demand
This service, which requires a fax machine or your fax software, provides
answers to commonly asked questio ns. You can use this automate d
service to request a list of available topics, and select the topics that you
want to receive. To contact the Sony fax-on-demand service, call:
1-888-4-SONY-PC (1-888-476-6972).
7 Sony Customer Support
Sony and Microsoft software support is available free of charge for 90
days after the original date of purchase. You can call and speak with a
Sony Customer Support Representative without using your computer by
calling: 1-888-4-SONY-PC (1-888-476-6972).
8 Sony Service Center
For the Sony Service Center nearest you, call 1-888-4-SO NY-PC
(1-888-476-6972) or find Sony Custom er Service on the Web at