Sony AVIO Notebook Laptop User Manual

Connecting a PS/2 External Mouse or Keyboard
Connecting a PS/2 External Mouse or Keyboard
You can connect either an external PS/2® mouse or PS/2 keyboard to the port
replicator (not supplied) using a similar type PS/2 plug or adapter. You may
connect only one PS/2 device to the port replicator at a time.
To connect an external mouse or keyboard
1 Shut down the notebook before you connect or disconnect the PS/2 external
mouse or keyboard connector.
2 Connect the optional port replicator to the notebook.
3 Locate the Mouse/Keyboard (PS/2) port on the port replicator identified by
the / symbols.
4 Plug the mouse or keyboard connector into this port with the arrow facing
Connecting External Mouse or Keyboard
See the manual that came with your PS/2 mouse or keyboard for more information on
its installation and use.