Sony AVIO Notebook Laptop User Manual

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To connect a projector to the notebook
You can also connect a projector, such as the Sony LCD Projector, to the
notebook or port replicator.
1 Shut down the computer before you connect the projector.
2 Locate the VGA (Monitor) port on the rear panel of the notebook and the
Headphone jack on the right panel of the notebook.
3 Plug the display cable (not supplied) connector into the VGA port, and plug
the audio cable (not supplied) connector into the Headphone jack.
4 Plug the opposite end of the cab les into the appropriate ports on the
5 Verify that the power cord is plugged into the projecto r and an AC out let.
Connecting a Projector to the Notebook
Audio cable
To VGA port
(not supplied)
cable (not supplied)
To Headphone jack
Power cord