Sony CX75 Projector User Manual

Data Projector
Advanced Intelligent
Auto Setup with Auto Focus
Advanced Intelligent Auto Setup allows presentations
to be started immediately. As soon as the power is
turned on, the projector initiates a host of sophisticated
setup functions. The shooting angle can be set using the
power-operated tilt adjuster via the supplied Remote Commander.
The new setting is retained in memory and instantly recalled the
next time the projector is used.
Auto Focus
The focus is adjusted automatically. This convenient function is attributed to built-in
cameras, which measure the distance. No more wasted time waiting the picture
is displayed then adjusting the focus.
Memory Stick
The VPL-CX75 offers a variety of features that make presentations smooth and smart.
Photos and video clips can be run right from the VPL-CX75 projector using "Memory Stick TM" media.
This means there is no need for a PC. The system can directly project JPEG, including digital photo (DCF standard)
and MPEG1 * movie formats. Projected images can be directly controlled with the RM-PJM17 Remote Commander unit.
Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, BMP, and TIFF files can also be projected by converting them to JPEG files, using the
supplied Projector Station for Presentation software application, and saving them to a "Memory Stick" media.
The VPL-CX75 accepts standard size and dou Memory Stick media.
Quiet Operation
The low fan noise is attributed to a highly efficient cooling system based on the latest technology from high-end home projector systems.
By adopting this technology, the fan noise can be suppressed to approximately 30dB allowing for smooth, undisturbed presentations.
* This noise level is achieved when the projector's lamp mode is set to standard.
Key Features
High Brightness and
High Picture Quality on
The VPL-CX75 at 2500 ANSI lumes, native XGA resolution provides
quality images and exceptional brightness.
Air Shot, easy-to-use Wireless Presentation
The VPL-CX75 has a wireless transmission function, which eliminates the need for
cable connections between a computer and the projector. This convenient feature
makes it easy to switch presentations from one person to another - the
presenter simply passes a USB wireless LAN module to the next presenter. It
also allows mobility between a computer and the projector, so that you can pick up
your computer and walk to another part of the room without fumbling with a cable.
Short Focal-Length Lens, Power Focus, Power Zoom
The short focal-length lens enables a large screen size from a short throwing
distance. An 80-inch image can be projected from
a distance of only 2.4 meters.
Viewable area, measured diagonally
The projection size that can be adjusted
with the automatic focus
adjustment is from 40-inch
up to 150-inch.
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