Sony UP20 Printer User Manual

Before Printing
Before Printing
Before printing, but after mounting the paper tray on the
printer and making the necessary connections (see
“Connections” on page 10), perform the following as
Loading an ink ribbon (See below.)
Loading paper (See page 14.)
Selecting the input signal (See page 15.)
Use the ink ribbon and paper contained in the same
package as a pair. Before attempting to load an ink
ribbon or paper, make sure that the combination of the
ink ribbon and paper is compatible.
When either an ink ribbon or paper has been
exhausted, replace both the ink ribbon and paper at the
same time.
Use only ink ribbon and paper designed for use with
this printer. Failing to do so is likely to result in
malfunctions. (See“Recommended Ink Ribbon and
Paper” on page 57.)
Loading an Ink Ribbon
Load an ink ribbon into the printer’s ink ribbon
When you use the printer for the first time, the
thermal head is still secured in place. Before
attempting to load the ink ribbon, turn on the
power while the front panel is closed so that the
thermal head is released.
When loading or replacing the ink ribbon, turning off
the power will cause the image stored in the memory
to be lost.
If a blank sheet of paper is ejected, and the message
RIBBON END appears, the ink ribbon has been
exhausted. Replace the paper together with the ink
ribbon. Do not reuse the ejected blank paper.
When paper runs out and “0” is displayed as the
amount of ink ribbon remaining, load a new ink ribbon
and paper at the same time.
If you load an ink ribbon that is partially used, the
correct amount of ink ribbon remaining will not be
Once an ink ribbon has been completely used up,
replace it. An ink ribbon is not reusable.
Do not rewind the ink ribbon for reuse.
Do not touch the ink ribbon or place it in a dusty
location. Finger prints or dust on the ink ribbon will
result in imperfect printing or malfunction of the head.
Use the ink ribbon and paper supplied with the
printer for the initial operation check of the
printer. The correct amount of ink ribbon
remaining is not displayed when the ink ribbon
and paper supplied are loaded.
Open the front panel by pulling the front panel
toward you.
Be sure not to open the front panel when printing.
Remove the spent ink ribbon when replacing the
ink ribbon.
Remove any slack from the ink ribbon.
Wind the spools in the direction of the arrow until
the start position marker appears as illustrated.
If the ribbon is left slack, it may be damaged when
Start position marker