Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

3.9 Display Test 3 Tests and Diagnostics
PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499) 3-19
3.9 Display Test
To execute the Display Test, select 4 from the DIAGNOSTIC TEST MENU, press Enter and
follow the directions on the screen. Move the highlight bar to the subtest you want to execute and
press Enter.
Subtest 01 VRAM read/write for VGA
This subtest writes the constant data (AAh and 55h) to the video RAM. The data is
read and compared to the original data.
Subtest 02 Gradation for VGA
This subtest displays four colors: red, green, blue and white from left to right across
the screen from black to maximum brightness. The display below appears on the
screen, when this subtest is executed.
To exit this subtest and return to the DISPLAY TEST menu, press Enter.
Subtest 03 Gradation for LCD
This subtest displays bands of gradations for mixed colors, then for red, green, and
blue. Next, it displays eight solid colors full screen: red, semi-red, green, semi-
green, blue, semi-blue, white, and semi-white. Each color displays for three