Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

3 Tests and Diagnostics 3.23 Running Test
3-50 PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499)
3.23 Running Test
3.23.1 Function Description
This function automatically executes the following tests in sequence:
1. System test (subtest 01)
2. Memory test (subtests 01, 02, 06)
3. Display test (subtest 01)
4. Real timer test (subtest 02)
5. HDD test (subtest 01)
The system automatically detects the number of floppy disk drives connected to the computer for
the FDD test.
3.23.2 Operations
1. Select 6 from the Diagnostic Menu and press Enter, the following messages for selectable
tests will appear in the display in order.
FDD write/read test (Y/N) ?
Printer wrap around test (Y/N) ?
Serial wrap around test (Y/N) ?
CD-ROM/DVD-ROM test (Y/N) ?
2. To execute the test, press Y and Enter. To cancel the test, press N and Enter. If you
select the selectable tests, follow the instruction message in the display.
3. After selecting the selectable tests, the running test starts automatically. To terminate the
program, press Ctrl + Break.