Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

3.28 LAN/Modem/Bluetooth/IEEE1394 Test Program 3 Tests and Diagnostics
PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499) 3-73
Table 3-6 Error code for Bluetooth test (BD_ADDR) (2/2)
Error code
0x20 Unsupported LMP Parameter Value.
0x21 Role Change Not Allowed.
0x22 LMP Response Timeout.
0x23 LMP Error Transaction Collision.
0x24 LMP PDU Not Allowed.
0x25 Not Exist
0x26 Not Exist
0x27 Not Exist
0x28 Not Exist
0x29 Not Exist
0x2a Not Exist
0x2b Not Exist
0x2c Not Exist
0x2d Not Exist
0x2e Not Exist
0x2f Not Exist
** See the Specification of the Bluetooth System in detail.
Subtest03 Communication test (DUT mode)
Subtest T Communication test (TEST mode)
This subtest checks the Bluetooth communication functions. Set the responder
machine to DUT mode and tester machine to TEST mode.
Insert a floppy disk containing the test program into the responder machine and turn
on the power. The Bluetooth test menu will appear.
Press 3 to select the test and press Enter of the responder machine. The following
message will appear:
When the test begins, the machine displays BD_ADDR of the DUT. The progress
bar appears when the preparation is completed. The following message is
Bluetooth Subsystem T&D for PCSE(CS-Air) VerX.XX Copyright (C) by TOSHIBA