Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

3 Tests and Diagnostics 3.28 LAN/Modem/Bluetooth/IEEE1394 Test Program
3-78 PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499)
3.28.4 IEEE1394 test
To execute this test, input 4 and press Enter.
Note: Use another computer that can communicate by IEEE1394 (i. Link) cable as a
reference machine to perform this test.
The following menu will appear:
******** IEEE1394[XXXXX] Diagnostics program **************
* *
* 1 ....(Transmit & Receive test) *
* *
* 2 ....(Responder set) *
* *
* 3 ....(1394 GUID Display) *
* *
.... Press test number[1-3] ?
To execute the TEST, select the test number you want to execute and press Enter.
Subtest01 Transmit & Receive test
Note: Before executing subtest 01, be sure to execute subtest 02 in the responder
This program checks the data transporting between responder machine and target
machine and compare them with the original data through the IEEE1394 cable.
Subtest02 Responder set
This program is executed in the responder machine to initialize the responder
machine with the IEEE1394 cable connected to the target machine before executing
subtest 01.
Subtest03 IEEE1394 GUID Display
This program checks the GUID of IEEE1394.