Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

4.7 Optical drive 4 Replacement Procedures
PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499) 4-17
2. Turn over the computer and insert a screwdriver into the hole from the space for a
battery pack to push the rear of the optical drive.
Figure 4-10 Removing the optical drive (2)
Caution: Be careful not to damage the computer by the driver.
Installing an optical drive
The following describes the procedure for installing an optical drive. (See Figure 4-9 and 4-
1. Insert the optical drive into the slot and push it slowly until it is surely connected to
the system board.
2. Turn over the computer and fix the optical drive with the following screw.
? M2.5?12B FLAT HEAD screw ?1
Optical drive
Hole for removing optical drive