Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

1 Hardware Overview 1.7 Batteries
1-18 PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499)
1.7 Batteries
The PC has the following two batteries.
? Main battery
? Real time clock (RTC) battery
Table 1-7 lists the specifications for these two batteries.
Table 1-7 Battery specifications
Battery Name Battery Element Output Voltage Capacity
Main battery G71C0003Y110 Lithium ion 10.8 V 4,400 mAh
Real time clock
(RTC) battery
P71035009115 Lithium ion 2.4 V 16 mAh
1.7.1 Main Battery
The main battery is the primary power supply for the computer when the AC adapter is not
connected. In resume (instant recovery) mode, the main battery maintains the current status
of the computer.
The approximate operating time on fully charged battery is as follows:
Table 1-8 Operating time
Model Operating time
Pentium model About 4.6 hours
Celeron model About 4.3 hours
The approximate maintaining time of fully charged battery after power off is as follows:
Table 1-9 Maintaining time
Boot mode Standby mode
About 25days About 6 days