Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

Apx. J Key FD Appendices
PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499) J-1
Apx. J Reliability
Appendix J Key FD
This Appendix explains how to make a key FD.
1. Start the setup program.
2. Set the cursor to Not Registered” in “PASSWORD” and press Space or BackSpace key.
The screen to input the password appears.
If the password has been set, Registered” is displayed in PASSWORD”. Then cancel the
password first and set a new one.
3. Enter a password.
The number of words shall be within ten. The character "*" is displayed as you enter a
4. Press Enter key.
The first password is recognized and the second one is required.
5. Enter the second password.
Enter the same password as the first one. The character "*" is displayed as you enter a
6. Press Enter key.
The password is registered. When the second password differs from the first one, the
input of the password is required again. Then enter the password same as the first one.
7. When the password is set, press Fn + ? keys. Then the following message appears.
Are you sure ? (Y/N)
The changes you made will cause the system to reboot.
Insert password service disk if necessary.
8. Insert a FD into the USB FDD and press Y key. Then the following message appears.
Password Service Disk Type ? (1:2HD,2:2DD)
When the set FD is 2HD, press 1 key. For 2DD, press 2 key.
The data is written to the FD. (If no FD is set, this procedure is finished.)
When the wiring to the FD is completed, the following message appears.
Remove the password service disk, then press any key.
Remove the FD and finish the procedure by pressing any key.