Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

2 Troubleshooting Procedures 2.3 Power Supply Troubleshooting
2-8 PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499)
When icons are blinking, perform the following procedure.
1. Remove the battery pack and the AC adapter and cut off the power supply to the
computer by force.
2. Re-attach the battery pack and the AC adapter.
If icons are still blinking after the operation above, check the followings:
Check 1 If the DC IN icon blinks orange, go to Procedure 2.
Check 2 If the DC IN icon does not light, go to Procedure 3.
Check 3 If the battery icon does not light orange or green, go to Procedure 4.
Caution: Use a recommended AC adapter (G71C0002S310).