Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

2 Troubleshooting Procedures 2.3 Power Supply Troubleshooting
2-14 PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499)
Procedure 3 Connection Check
The wiring diagram related to the power supply is shown below:
Any of the connectors may be disconnected. Perform starting from Check 1.
Check 1 Plug the AC power cord from the wall outlet and check it with a tester.
If the cord is cut, replace with a new one. If the cord is not cut, go to Check 2.
Check 2 Make sure the AC adapter and the AC power cord are firmly plugged into the DC-
IN 15 V jack and wall outlet. If these cables are connected correctly, go to Check 3.
Check 3 Check if the DC-IN jack is loosed. If so, go to Procedure 5. If not, go to Check 4.
Check 4 Make sure the battery pack is installed in the computer correctly. If the battery is
properly installed and the battery icon still does not light, go to Procedure 4.
Procedure 4 Quick Charge Check
The power supply may not charge the battery pack. Perform the following procedures:
1. Reinstall the battery pack.
2. Attach the AC adaptor and turn on the power. If you cannot turn on the power, go to
Procedure 5.
3. Run the Diagnostic test, go to System test and execute subtest 06 (Quick charge)
described in Chapter 3.