Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

2.3 Power Supply Troubleshooting 2 Troubleshooting Procedures
PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499) 2-15
4. When charge is complete, the diagnostics test displays the result code. Check the result
code against the table below and perform any necessary check.
Table 2-4 Result code
Result code Contents Check items
0 The battery is charging normally. Normal
1 The battery is fully charged. Normal
2 The AC adaptor is not connected. Check 1
3 The AC adaptor output voltage is not normal. Check 1
4 The battery is not installed. Check 2
5 The battery’s output voltage is not normal. Check 3
6 The battery’s temperature is not normal. Check 4
7 A bad battery is installed. Check 2
8 Any other problems. Check 5
Check 1 Make sure the AC adaptor and AC power cord are firmly plugged into the DC IN
jack and the wall outlet. If these cables are connected correctly, replace the AC
adaptor (and/or AC power cord, if necessary). Go to Check2.
Check 2 Make sure the battery is properly installed. If the battery is properly installed, go to
Check 3.
Check 3 The battery pack may be completely discharged. Wait a few minutes to charge the
battery pack. If the battery pack is still not charged, go to Check 4.
Check 4 The battery’s temperature is too hot or cold. Return the temperature to a normal
operating condition. If the battery pack still is not charged, go to Check 5.
Check 5 Replace the battery pack with a new one. If the battery pack still is not charged, go
to Procedure 5.
Procedure 5 Replacement Check
The system board may be disconnected or damaged. Replace the system board with a new one
following the steps described in Chapter 4, Replacement Procedures.