Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

2 Troubleshooting Procedures 2.4 System Board Troubleshooting
2-24 PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499)
Table 2-5 Debugging port status (5/7)
D port
F106h Initializes devices which are necessary to be initialized before initializing
PCI bus.
AC97 control
Initializes temperature control information.
Initializes HC and recognizes devices.
Turns off the display controls Reset.
Initializes KBC.
Initializes sounds.
Obtains the multi box status of PC.
Starts HC initializing sequence and recognizes devices.
Controls permission/prohibition of LAN.
Initializes PIC.
Tests PIC.
Initializes password.
F107h Initializes PCI bus.
Checks WakeUp factor.
F108h Raises the task waiting for the completion of INIT_PCI.
Initializes CMOS date (2).
Initializes PnP.
Sets setting up item.
Sets power off enable.
Clears wakeup conditions.
Controls CPU speed.
Control panel opening/closing
Initializes PC card slot.
F109 Raises task waiting for the completion of PnP resource.
Initializes H/W-related to PnP.
Auto-configuration of PCI
Generates work for auto-configuration.
Restores the result of VGA configuration.