Toshiba A200 Personal Computer User Manual

2.6 HDD Troubleshooting 2 Troubleshooting Procedures
PORTEGE A200 Maintenance Manual (960-499) 2-31
2.6 HDD Troubleshooting
This section describes how to determine if the 2.5” HDD is functioning properly. Perform the
steps below starting with Procedure 1 and continuing with the other procedures as required.
Procedure 1: Message Check
Procedure 2: Partition Check
Procedure 3: Format Check
Procedure 4: Diagnostic Test Program Execution Check
Procedure 5: Connector Check and Replacement Check
Caution: The contents of the 2.5 hard disk will be erased when the HDD
troubleshooting procedures are executed. Transfer the contents of the hard disk
to floppy disks or other storage drive(s). For the backup, refer to the User’s
Procedure 1 Message Check
When the power is turned on, the system performs the Initial Reliability Test (IRT) installed
in the BIOS ROM. When the test detects an error, an error message is displayed on the screen.
Make sure of no floppy disk in the FDD. Turn on the computer and check the message on the
screen. When an OS starts from the 2.5” HDD, go to Procedure 3. Otherwise, start with Check
1 below and perform the other checks as instructed.
Check 1 If any of the following messages appear, go to Procedure 3. If the following
messages do not appear, perform Check 2.
HDD #X ERROR (After 5 seconds this message will disappear.)
Check 2 If either of the following messages appears, go to Check 3. If the following
messages do not appear, perform Check 5.
Insert system disk in drive
Press any key when ready .....
Non-System disk or disk error
Replace and press any key when ready