Toshiba G8000MM Series Switch User Manual

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Industrial Bus (Protonode) Firmware Upgrade for Toshiba G8000MM Series
Please follow the following procedure to upgrade the Industrial Bus before connected to G8000MM
1) Make sure that the FST Utilities is downloaded on the computer.
a. FST can be download from Toshiba Website,
-> UPS -> Options/Accessories ->
Industrial Bus -> Setup Software -> or FieldServer website at
b. Extract and execute FieldServer Utility.
c. Follow the instruction to install FST Utilities
d. After installation, please continue with following procedure.
2) Go to Start Menu --> All Programs --> FieldServer Utilities --> Configuration File Folder
3) Extract and save Config file and nlpn.bin file in the Configuration File Folder.
4) Double click on Remote User Interface on the Desktop.
(Make sure the Industrial Bus is connected to the network)
5) In the main menu, type 'd' for the download menu.
6) Type 'd' to download the config file to the Industrial Bus product.
7) Type 'o' for other.
8) Press any key to continue.
9) Type 'l' for local.
10) Type 'nlpn.bin' and hit the 'enter' key. (nlpn.bin can be downloaded from setup software folder)
11) The remote and local filename should both read 'nlpn.bin'.
12) Type 'd' to download the firmware to the Industrial Bus product.
13) The download will take 7-8 minutes to complete.
14) When downloading is complete, press any key to continue.
15) Then hit the 'esc' key to go back to the main menu.
16) Type '!' to restart the Industrial Bus product or power cycle the Industrial Bus product.
Manual can be download from
-> UPS -> Options/Accessories -> Industrial Bus ->