Toshiba HDD2J95 Computer Drive User Manual

The Industry Pioneer
Hard Disk Drives & Solid State Drives
As a leading provider of storage solutions and as the principal inventor of NAND ash storage,
Toshiba sets many of today’s industry standards for storage technology. As a ‘One-Stop Storage
Device Supplier’, Toshiba is ideally positioned to fulll the growing demands for a wider range of
storage devices from the latest desktop and mobile computers, consumer electronics and
multimedia market to quality critical IT markets.
Mobile Storage
Delivering advanced power consumption, security options and performance, Toshiba’s hard disk drives and
solid state drives provide an ideal storage solution for high-end and thin/light notebooks, all-in-one desktop
computers, consumer and industrial PCs and embedded systems.
Desktop Storage
Toshiba’s 3.5-inch hard disk drives deliver high capacity along with high performance and low power
consumption for cooler operation in all-in-one desktop and gaming PCs, home servers, external HDDs, and
consumer electronics products such as set-top boxes (STBs) and digital video recorders (DVRs).
Enterprise-class Storage
Representing all levels of tiered storage architecture and the forefront of leading-edge manufacturing
technology, Toshiba oers enterprise-class solid state drives and hard disk drives designed to support
mission and business critical enterprise storage applications including servers, direct-attached storage, and
network-attached storage.
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Toshiba’s Commitment to Leadership