Toshiba PA5082U1PRP Laptop Docking Station User Manual

PA3927U-1PRP dynadock U3.0 12/30/2011
dynadock U3.0
universal USB 3.0 docking station with dual HD video
for all Windows
based computers
Expand your computer’s potential with the dynadock™ U3.0, the universal docking station that links all your
electronic devices to your laptop with just one single USB 3.0 cable.
Now with one simple cable connection to your computer you can have access to large screen displays, stereo
speakers, external hard drive, optical disk drive, printer, full-size keyboard and mouse. Surf the Internet while
you listen to music, check your email and social networking accounts, play a game, watch streaming videos,
write a paper, work on a presentation, print out an important document, or whatever else you can imagine!
The dynadock U3.0 has a built-in HD digital video card supporting dual display output. Connect one or two
external displays with resolution up to 2048 x 1152 each. View up to 3 displays simultaneously (including your
laptop screen). 3.5mm audio ports or the HDMI out port can also pump out 5.1 surround sound, providing a
true multimedia experience.
In addition, the dynadock U3.0 includes four USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet connectivity and easy
access front-side 3.5mm audio in and out jacks for headphones, microphone, headset or speakers. As a bonus,
the upright slim design saves precious desk space while providing fast access to a true desktop environment.
Docking and undocking is easy. Just plug in the one USB 3.0 cable from the dynadock to any USB 3.0 or USB
2.0 port on your laptop and your display(s) and accessories will be activated in seconds. To undock, simply
unplug the one cable and go!
Virtually any brand of Windows®-based computer with a USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 port is compatible with the
dynadock U3.0, and it works with Microsoft® Windows Vista®, Windows® XP, and Windows® 7. Check out for the latest updated Windows® software drivers, support and product information.
Product Features
One simple USB 3.0 cable connection from your laptop to all your accessories for maximum convenience;
also USB 2.0 compatible
Built-in video card supports two (2) displays up to 2048 x 1152 resolution each
HDMI™ out port built-in for Full 1080 HD video and gaming
5.1 channel surround sound through HDMI or 3.5mm audio ports
Six (6) USB ports in total; two (2) front-side, four (4) back-side
Two (2) easy access front USB 3.0 Always On” Sleep & Charge ports to supply power even if your PC is
off; charge your phone, camera, MP3 player, etc.
Fast USB 3.0 data transfer speed to USB 3.0 external storage devices
Space-saving upright slim design reduces cable clutter on your desk space
Use of docking station reduces wear-and-tear on PC ports and cable plugs
Hot plug and play docking after initial software install
Easy setup
Install software includes dynadock U3.0 Utility to easily customize your dynadock video and audio settings
Universal compatibility with all Windows®-based PC brands; including Toshiba, Dell™, HP™, Sony™,
Lenovo™, Gateway™, Acer™, Compaq™, etc.
Compatible with Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, and Windows® 7