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Oct 7th, 2008 at 8:28am

Owner's Manual

for Sharp Calculator EL-506D

Lost owner's manual for Sharp EL-506D Scientific Calculator. Can we still get something?

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  • david.hayes
    The structure, layout, examples, and writing strategy used in this manual make it simply the best calculator manual ever. I even use it when trying to learn how to use other calculators! I've added a few written notes in the scanned original copy, mostly regarding two issues: 1) The Sharp EL-506D is a slightly smaller version of the Sharp EL-557: all functions are identical and all buttons except one look identical, so you can use the same manual for both calculators. 2) Try the built-in power-on self-test - I have added a note about this interesting but undocumented feature in Appendix C.

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