Sharp Calculator EL-5100 Product Support


Feb 19th, 2008 at 9:06am

Please help find the manual for this Sharp Calculator

for Sharp Calculator EL-5100

Looking for a Manual.


  • drkoleszar
    I have a manual for the EL-5100 but still use it. If I already had its 100 pages in digital format, I'd gladly send it off to you for nothing. Maybe if a few people show interest, for a small fee each, I could scan it and email it to all.

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  • msalvi4695
    I have the manual for the EL-5100. The pages are small. I am willing to take the manual apart and make copies that fit on 8x10 pages. It is about 25 pages. Scanning all the small pages is a hassle. If you want to pay for the copies and mailing I am willing to do it. let me know.

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