Dakota Digital UTV-1200 Clock User Manual

page 1 MAN#650244:A
Multi Gauge for
2008 Yamaha Rhino
Operation menu
Left switch functions
Pressing the left switch during normal gauge operation will move through the below commonly viewed functions
for convenience.
00000.0 Odometer
12:00A Clock (hold left switch to set)
Setting clock:
Left switch press moves between hours and minutes
Right switch press changes current value
Hold left switch again to exit clock set mode
H 0.0 Hourmeter
Right switch functions
Pressing the right function switch during normal operation will scroll through the following display functions. A
heading will first appear after each press to display the currently selected function. After about 2 seconds, the
display will show the data for the selected function.
Heading Data Description
trip A a 0.0 Trip A (hold right switch to reset)
trip b b 0.0 Trip B (hold right switch to reset)
srv mi(srv km) s 0000 Count down Service odometer if enabled (hold right switch to reset)
srv hr sh 000 Count down service hour meter if enabled (hold right switch to reset)
mph(KPH) 00 mph(00 KPH) Alternate speed display (hold right switch to change primary unit)
tach r 0000 Tachometer displays in information center
This gauge has an hour meter and
odometer preset option available only
for the first 1.0 engine hour and 10
miles (16km). See “ODO/HR
PRESET” for instructions.