JVC LYT1424-023A Clock User Manual

© 2005 Victor Company of Japan, Limited
Read this first!
– How to handle the Digital Media Camera –
Please read this together with the instruction manual before using
the camera.
8 Make a backup of important recorded data
Protect your important recorded data by copying the files to PC. It
is recommended to copy it from your PC to a DVD or other recording
media for storage. Refer to the software installation and USB
connection guide.
8 Make a trial run before recording important data
Play back the recorded data to check that the video and sound have
been recorded correctly.
8 Check the compatible recording media
The following recording media have been guaranteed to work with
this camera. Others are not guaranteed to work, so buy such
products with caution.
Removable hard disks: Microdrive
from Hitachi, JVC Microdrive
CompactFlash cards: By LEXAR, SanDisk and Hagiwara Sys-com
SD memory cards: By Panasonic, TOSHIBA, pqi (still image only)
and SanDisk
If other media are used, they may fail to record data correctly, or
they may lose data that has already been recorded.
of 1GB or below are not supported.
MultiMediaCards are not supported.
For video recording, use a removable hard disk, high-speed
CompactFlash card (at least 40x speed) or SD memory card (at
least 10 MB/s).
8 Format recording medium before using
Before using this camera, use the Format function [FORMAT] in the
menu to format the provided removable hard disk. Also, be sure to
format newly-purchased CF cards (removable hard disk/
CompactFlash card) and SD cards with this camera before using
them. This enables stable speeds and operation when accessing the
recording medium.
8 Take care to hold the camera correctly during
Do not cover the area near the lens, stereo microphone and camera
sensor with your finger or any object while recording. Refer to “Index”
of the instruction manual.
8 When a certain length of time passes without
When using the battery, the power is turned off automatically to
conserve power. Use the power switch to turn on the power again.
When using the AC adapter, the access lamp lights up, and the
LCD turns off (the camera enters the sleep mode). Operation is
restored once any operation is made.
8 When this camera is connected to PC with the USB
The recording media become read-only.
It is not possible to delete or move files contained in the recording
medium, format the recording medium and perform check disks
(error checks). To perform such operations, use a commercially
available CF/SD Card Reader/Writer (CF+ Type II compatible).
To maintain high performance of a recording medium, it is
recommended to perform check disks (error checks) using PC on
a regular basis. Use a commercially available CF/SD Card
Reader/Writer (CF+ Type II compatible) to connect to PC, and then
perform the check disk on the recording medium using the same
procedure as a regular local disk (C drive). Refer to the instruction
manual of your PC for check disks.
When you delete the files in the [EXTMOV] folder, perform on the
PC by using commercially available CF/SD Card Reader/Writer
(CF+ Type II compatible) or format a recording medium on the
8 Reset the camera if it does not operate correctly
This camera uses a microcomputer. Factors such as background
noise and interference can prevent it from operating correctly. If the
camera does not operate correctly, reset the camera. Refer to
“Troubleshooting” of the instruction manual.
8 Bring your camera together with the removable hard
When requesting repairs for breakdowns by your dealer or JVC
service center, be sure to bring your camera together with the
removable hard disk. If one of them is not included, the cause cannot
be diagnosed, and the repair cannot be made properly.
8 Subsidiary Information
To turn off the beep sound which lets you know recording start
timing, set [OPERATION SOUND] to [OFF].
Bracket Shooting
The shutter speed cannot be fixed in the bracket shooting, even
if the shutter priority is set.
After reading this sheet, store it together with the instruction
manual, and refer to it when necessary.
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