3M 8800 Printer User Manual

Product & Instruction Bulletin 8700/8800
Release D, Effective December 2009 (Replaces C, Jan 2000)
See Bulletin Change Summary at end of Bulletin
Now Includes Contents of Instruction Bulletin 4.12
Exterior Four Color Toner Series 8700/8800
For Electrostatic Printing Only
Four Color
Electrostatic Printing
This is the reproduction of a full color original subject as a halftone. Black plus the three basic
halftone colors (yellow, cyan and magenta) are printed sequentially in close registration to
form the image.
The images are reproduced on 3M™ Trident Transfer Media, which is transferred with heat
and pressure to 3M brand graphic films designated for electrostatic printing. The printed
images must have an approved overlaminate. See the base film's Product Bulletin for details.
Recommended Types of
Graphics and End Uses
Refer to the base film or flexible substrate's Product Bulletin for details on specific
constructions and any warranty that may apply when using this product.
Limitations of End Uses
3M specifically does not recommend or warrant the following uses, but please contact us to
discuss your needs or recommend other products. The base film Product Bulletin may have
additional limitations.
Printing characteristics of toners more than 36 months after date of manufacture.
Use in printers other than those recommended by 3M.
Printing on non‐3M medias.
Compatible Products
3M™ Trident Transfer Media
3M brand graphic films designated for electrostatic printing
3M™ Cleaner 8790; Use for flushing and cleaning printers
3M™ Toner Module Thinner 8791; Use with the 3Mt High Capacity Toner Station 9531
or 9533
3M™ Toner Module Cleaner 8792; Use for flushing and cleaning the toner station
Product Line
Toners are specially formulated the Scotchprint® Printer 2000, with or without a toner
station, and are available as concentrates and premixes (part A & B).
For Printer For Toner Station
Size (Premix or
No. Type No.
Yellow Premix 8730N Concentrate 8835 1.2 gal
Magenta Premix 8731N Concentrate 8836N 1.2 gal
Cyan Premix 8732 Concentrate 8837E 1.2 gal
Black Premix 8733 Concentrate 8838E 1.2 gal