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Spec Sheet
Universal Radio Head
Flexible Outdoor Coverage and Capacity
– ADC’s Next Generation of Wireless Solutions
for Improving Wireless Capacity, Coverage, Flexibility
and Customer Retention
ADC’s FlexWave
Universal Radio Head (URH) is the most flexible, scalable and
complete solution for addressing coverage and capacity needs for current and
emerging wireless networks. The URH improves wireless network coverage and
capacity by extending services from existing cell sites, to hard-to-reach areas by
distributing coverage from a centralized radio suite.
Utilizing a centralized distributed architecture, service providers are able to recognize
significant CAPEX savings through a shared Base Station Hotel (multiple BTS co-located
together), as well as a shared Remote Radio Transceiver approach. The URH’s flexibility
and scalability offers service providers an optimal solution for multiple applications
such as; dense urban centers, dense suburban areas, campuses, enterprise buildings,
subways and tunnels. The URH’s distributed architecture and small form factor allows
service providers to cost-effectively increase coverage and capacity in these hard-to-
reach areas.
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