ADC GigE Series Network Card User Manual

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Spec Sheet
GigE Series
Gigabit Ethernet Patch Panel
ADC has designed a professional broadcast-quality Gigabit (1000 baseT) patching system for
demanding professional environments where frequent patching and higher density is required. The
system features a high-density 32-port normal-through card frame system to ADC KRONE
termination system. Now you can patch Ethernet data properly using reliable
durable military-grade jacks rated for 30,000 insertions/withdrawal cycles. The Cat 6 rated patch
cords are keyed to ensure proper patching.
Compared to other systems employing light duty RJ45 connectors rated at fewer than 500
insertions/withdrawal cycles or bantam jacks that do not switch all signal lines, the UniPatch
module is a significant advance in Ethernet and machine control patching.
The GigE system is a dense pack digital control interface patching system that provides test access,
patch, cross-connect and monitor functions in 100 Ohm balanced transmission systems. It has
a common signal format, bit rate, and operation up to Gigabit Ethernet (1,000 Mbits/sec). The
UniPatch GigE system is the choice for carrier-class Ethernet patching where reliability is critical.
Category 5e channel compliant
High-density modular design, 32 circuits per panel
Available with normal-through (patch by exception) or straight-through modules
Modular LSA-PLUS
punch down backplane
Keyed and highly reliable military-grade patch cords, rated to 30,000 cycles
Available with an easily removable wire management bar
Cable agnostic (works with any Cat 5e/Cat 6 cable)