American Dynamics 46 and 50-inch Computer Monitor User Manual

Rendering bright images in stunning detail,
American Dynamics plasma monitors are the
perfect choice for video security and public
display. At less than four inches deep, they
install easily on any wall and require minimal
These large screens yield bigger images from
quads, multiplexers and digital video recorders
(DVRs), making it easier to closely observe
footage from multiple cameras simultaneously.
Use the Digital Video Interface (DVI) input to
feed video from advanced DVRs such as an
Intellex Digital Video Management System for
pictures with unmatched clarity.
Each plasma monitor features a 16:9 aspect
ratio, auto pixel rotation and multiple inputs.
Choose from High Definition (HD) and
Enhanced Definition (ED) resolution models
for color-rich video with wide viewing angles.
Mounting options include a ceiling mount, a
wall flush-mount and a wall mount with
articulating arms.
Due to the size of the monitors and the
limitations of plasma technology, these
monitors offer a 12-month on-site warranty
with toll free support 1-800-827-2850 (ext. 216).
Unlike LCD or CRT displays, all plasma
monitors have shorter lifetimes and are sensitive
to high elevations (typically above 7,000 feet).
Plasma Monitors
42, 46 & 50-INCH
Large format displays
High image detail
Excellent video quality
Brilliant colors
High resolutions (HD and
Larger multi-screen
High (800:1) contrast
Bright (300+ cd/m)
Picture in Picture (PIP)
viewing flexibility
Digital Video Interface
(DVI) for Intellex and
other advanced DVRs
Adjustable image shift
controls prevent screen
Switchable wide-screen
16:9 to 4:3 format
Auto image scaling and
wide 160+º viewing angles
Shallow profile (less than
Desktop base included
Analog PC input
D-Sub 15 pin or digital PC
(DVI) input
S-Video and RCA
composite video inputs
Looping BNC composite
output (46” model only)
Remote control included
Amplified outputs for
optional external speakers
On-screen display in 9
Optional wall flush-
mount or wall mount
with swing-arm
Optional TV tuner
Front side – Single sheet – Letter size – print 4/c
42 & 50-inch design
46-inch design
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