American Dynamics AD9517B Computer Monitor User Manual
The AD9517B is a high performance, 17-inch
color video monitor with high-resolution
capabilities – ideal for video surveillance and
security applications. The 750+ TV lines
resolution (Y/C input) and 450 TV lines of
resolution (composite input) make this monitor
ideal for use with color quads and multiplexers,
allowing you to see details in 2 x 2, 3 x 3 and
4 x 4 formats.
Two looping audio input pairs with embedded
speakers allow for a direct connection with audio
The monitor’s Y/C input makes it compatible
with S-VHS video recorders. The unit is able to
automatically detect whether PAL or NTSC video
format is connected, and the integral universal
power supply makes the monitor suitable for
worldwide use.
The monitor’s heavy-duty metal cabinet enables
it to be mounted in standard 19-inch EIA racks
(using the optional rack mount kit). This allows
it to be easily incorporated into video monitoring
systems and surveillance applications.
The monitor contains a latching power switch,
which remains in its set position – either on or
off – regardless of incoming power status.
Therefore, the monitor does not have to be
physically turned back on after a power loss.
Over 750 TV lines Y/C
450 TV lines composite
NTSC or PAL auto detect
Universal power supply
Three looping video
input pairs (2 composite,
1 Y/C)
Perfect for use with color
quads and multiplexers
Comb filter for enhanced
picture quality
Two looping audio input
Rack mount (optional)
Convenient front panel
Heavy-duty metal cabinet
Latching power switch
5% under scan allows
viewing of complete