AOC 177Sa-1 Computer Monitor User Manual

First Setup
Congratulation for purchasing this monitor of high performance!
This monitor comes with the following accessories :
Power cable.
Audio Cable.
User guide.
Quick Installation
1. Connect video cable (D-Sub cable)
Make sure both monitor and computer are powered OFF. Connect the video
cable ( D-Sub cable) to the computer.
2. Connect power cord
Connect the power cord to a properly grounded AC outlet, then to the monitor.
3. Connect audio cable
Connect one end of the audio cable to the back of the monitor and connect the
other end to the computer's audio out port.
5. Windows users: Setting the Timing Mode (Resolution and Refresh Rate)
Example: 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz
Resolution Right-click on the Windows desktop > Properties > Settings >
“Desktop Area”. Set the resolution.
Refresh Rate (vertical frequency) See your graphic card’s user guide for
D-Sub Cable.
4. Power-ON computer and monitor
Power-ON the computer, then Power-ON the monitor.
Power cable
D-Sub cable
Audio cable