AOC 718Swag-1 Computer Monitor User Manual

Sharpness : To adjust the clarity of a non-WXGA (1440x900) signal with
W or V button.
Setup Menu : To set up Language Select, OSD Position, OSD Time Out
and OSD Background.
Language Select : To allow users to choose from available languages.
OSD Position : Press or button to select between horizontal and
vertical OSD Position adjustment.
Horizontal OSD Position : To horizontally adjust the OSD position.
V : move OSD to the right, W : move OSD to the left.
Vertical OSD Position : To vertically adjust the OSD position.
V : move OSD up, W : move OSD down.
OSD Time Out : To automatically turn off On Screen Display(OSD)
after a preset period of time.
Memory Recall : To recall factory settings for Video & Audio controls.
Press button 2 to select the Memory Recall menu option.
Fine Tune : To adjust the delay time of data and clock.
Press W or V to adjust to your preference.
OSD Background : Allows the user to turn the OSD background
On or Off.