APC PDM3530L2130 440 Switch User Manual

InfraStruXure Power Distribution Module
Electrical Hazard. To prevent arcing when removing an
APC Power Distribution Module (PDM) from the Modular
Power Distribution Unit (PDU), set all PDMs to
OFF. Do not
remove the modules while they are still supporting the load.
Caution: PDMs must be replaced by trained personnel only.
Note: The PDM can be safely installed into a
powered rack.
Note: For PDMs with RCDs installed, the occurrence of an
earth fault will automatically open the adjacent circuit-
Note: PDMs with RCDs are equipped with a test button.
Periodic testing of the RCD may be required. Check your
local codes.
See Operation Manual 990-3054 for more information.
How to unpack the Power Distribution Module
Remove the PDM from its carton.
Cut cable ties and unwind the power cable.
How to install the PDM
Note: Some Power Distribution Units have filler plates
installed. When a PDM is to be installed, the filler plate must
be removed from the busbar.
Press down on the clip.
Pull out the plate from the unit. (Do not throw away the filler plate.
Keep it for potential later use).
Verify that all the breakers are in the OFF position.
Press the red button to release the latch.
Pull open the latch.
Feed the cable(s) up through the top opening in the enclosure and
into the cable power troughs (if applicable) on top of enclosures.
PDM – Single and Three
PDM with RCD (Residual Current
Devices) - Three phase
PDM with RCD – Single phase
Test buttonTest button
Vertical Rack Distribution Panel
Horizontal Rack Distribution Panel