Chauvet F-1050 All in One Printer User Manual

If you experience low output, pump noise or no output at all, unplug immediately. Check fluid level, the
external fuse, remote connection and main power supply. If all appear to be OK, plug the unit in again. If
fog does not come out after holding the remote control button for 30 seconds, check the hose attached to
the tank to make sure there is fluid going through the hose. If you are unable to determine the cause of the
problem, do not simply continue to push the remote control button as this may damage the unit. Contact
CHAUVET for servicing.
Contact Chauvet
Tecnical Assistance: 1-800-762-1084 (954) 929-1115
• Never remove the Fluid tank from the unit as this will damage the fluid level sensors.
• Never use any other type of liquid other than UNSCENTED water based fog fluid.
• Use of any other fluids or additives will void the warrantee
• Do not obstruct the nozzle. Fog output is very hot, avoid coming within 60cm (24") of the nozzle during
operation. Never aim the nozzle directly at people or naked flames.
• Danger of Burns. Keep out of reach of children. Do not leave machine unattended.
• Output nozzle becomes very hot during operation (300oC). Keep flammable materials at least 50cm (20")
away from the nozzle.
Always allow the fogger to cool down before cleaning or servicing.
• Never drink fog liquid. If its ingested, call a doctor immediately. If fog fluid comes into contact with skin or
eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
• Beware of condensation around the nozzle. Consider carefully when mounting.
All fog machines may splutter small amounts of fog occasionally during operation and for a minute or so
after being turned off.
• Never place the fog machine on any flammable material (i.e. carpet, fabric etc.) during operation. All fog
machines generate a considerable amount of heat. When placed on the floor, fog machines should always
be placed on a non-flammable surface such as concrete or tile.
• Depending on the amount of fog generated, all fog machines may set off smoke detectors.
Power Connections
The unit is supplied with a power plug appropriate to its voltage and destination. Should any other
connections be required they must be carried out with the following configuration.
Earth = Green/Yellow cable
Neutral = Blue cable
Live = Brown cable
In the USA & Europe, it is required that all plugs are 3-pin type i.e. with Earth/Ground connection.
In the UK, it is required that all mains plugs are fitted with 5A fuses.
Technical Specifications
Power Input: AC 120V 60 Hz or 230V 50 Hz
Fog Output: 5000 Cubic Feet per Minute Fuse: 10A 125V or 5A 250V
Tank Capacity: 1.0 Liter Weight: 7.7 lbs / 3.5 Kg
Dim: 18.1 x 5.2 x 8 in
460 x 132 x 203mm
User Informtion
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Fog Machine
User Guide
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