Compaq 1267 Laptop User Manual - Compaq Presario 1200 Series Maintenance and Service Guide - Models: 1255, 1257, 1260, 1262, 1266, and 1267
2416-xx Video noise pattern test failed
2418-xx ECG/VGC memory test failed
2419-xx ECG/VGC ROM checksum test failed 1. Run the Configuration and
Diagnostics Utilities.
2. Disconnect external monitor and test
with internal LCD display.
3. Replace the display assembly and
4. Replace the system board and retest.
2421-xx ECG/VGC 640 × 200 graphics
mode test failed
2422-xx ECG/VGC 640 × 350 16 color set
test failed
2423-xx ECG/VGC 640 × 350 64 color set
test failed
2424-xx ECG/VGC monochrome text mode
test failed
2425-xx ECG/VGC monochrome graphics
mode test failed
2431-xx 640 × 480 graphics test failure
2432-xx 320 × 200 graphics (256 color
mode) test failure
2448-xx Advanced VGA Controller test failed
2451-xx 132-column Advanced VGA test
2456-xx Advanced VGA 256 Color
test failed
2458-xx Advanced VGA BitBLT test The following step applies to error
codes 2458-xx through 2480-xx:
Replace the system board and retest.
2468-xx Advanced VGA DAC test
2477-xx Advanced VGA data path test
2478-xx Advanced VGA BitBLT test
2480-xx Advanced VGA LineDraw test
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Audio Test Error Codes
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