Gamber Johnson GD8000 Laptop Docking Station User Manual

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Product Mounting Disclaimer
Gamber-Johnson is not liable under any theory of contract or tort law for any loss, damage, personal injury, special, incidental or consequential damages for personal injury or other damage
of any nature arising directly or indirectly as a result of the improper installation or use of its products in vehicle or any other application. In order to safely install and use Gamber-Johnson
products full consideration of vehicle occupants, vehicle systems (i.e., the location of fuel lines, brakes lines, electrical, drive train or other systems), air-bags and other safety equipment is
required. Gamber-Johnson specifically disclaims any responsibility for the improper use or installation of its products not consistent with the original vehicle manufactures specifications
and recommendations, Gamber-Johnson product instruction sheets, or workmanship standards as endorsed through the Gamber-Johnson Certified Installer Program.
GD8000 Docking Station
Rev. C
This instruction sheet is for the GD8000
docking station.
*These instructions are for the docking station only. For instructions on features, set-up
and operation of the GD8000 computer, please refer to the manuals provided by General
Dynamics Itronix with the computer.
** This docking station is designed to be used with a variety of Gamber-Johnson mounting
systems. Installation instructions for other Gamber-Johnson products are provided with
each individual product.
Safety is dependent on the proper installation and servicing of this docking station. It is
important to read and follow all instructions before installing this product.
To properly install a Gamber-Johnson docking station you must have a good understanding
of automotive electrical procedures and systems, along with proficiency in the installation
and service of aftermarket vehicle equipment.
There are no adjustments required at any time of the electrical components within the
docking station.
Opening the docking station will void the product warranty.
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