GE 120VAC Switch User Manual

Activate the Countdown Feature:
1. Press the “Clock” and “Override” button at the same time to
start the countdown function.
2. Press the “Override” button to pause and continue the
countdown function.
3. Press the “Clock” button to go view the current time display.
Manual Override:
The timer comes with the ability to control the ON and OFF function while the
timer is deactivated. Press and Hold the “Override” button to switch between
timer mode and manual mode. Timer mode will be indicated by an A next to
the ON or OFF. When the timer is in manual mode (not controlled by timer) the
A will not appear on the display. Any time the “A” is on the display the timer is
in control and will always follow the programmed settings (even if it
is temporarily deactivated by moving from ON to OFF or OFF to ON).
Random, ON/OFF Setting:
This feature allows the timer to switch ON and OFF at random times. It is
particularly useful in helping to prevent house burglary as the timer is not
switching ON and OFF at regular times. The programmed settings set will be
executed in a random delay varying within 30 minutes. This function will only
operate if one or more programmed switching commands are set.
1. Press both “Day” and “H+” buttons at the same time. The display will show
the “TIMER” symbol blinking. The random feature is now activated.
2. To turn the random feature off repeat step 1.
Summer Time Feature (DST):
Press the “H+” and “M+” buttons for 3 seconds to advance the current time
1 hour, SUMMER should appear on the display. Repeating this process will
decrease the time by 1 hour and the SUMMER will disappear.
Power Back Up Feature:
In the event of a power failure, the timer will retain its settings for an
estimated 3 months assuming the power back up is fully charged.
Button Lock:
This function allows the user to lock the buttons so that they are not
accidentally pressed.
1. Press and HOLD the “Clock” button for more than 5 seconds. An
“ icon will appear on the display. The buttons are now locked.
2. To unlock the buttons repeat this step.
“ Flashing: the timer is in the manual mode with key lock.
“ Not flashing: the timer is in the timer mode with key lock.
Lockout a Programmed Setting (Skip a Setting):
1. Press the “Timer” button to scroll to the setting that needs to be skipped.
2. Press the “Override” button to lockout the time setting. The display will
display “H I : d E” and lock the hours and minutes setting.
3. Press the “Override” button again to recall the setting time.
(Will not work for Lockout Countdown feature)