GE 98091 Computer Keyboard User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing the GE branded Multimedia Keyboard. This User’s
Manual contains all of the information needed to operate your keyboard.
1. Introduction
Maximize your time and take control of your applications. The GE branded Multimedia Keyboard is
specially designed to optimize your efficiency. With 22 special one-touch keys, you can execute your
favorite commands instantly from your keypad! The Multimedia Keyboard gives you total control over
multimedia controls and Internet browsing – all at your fingertips. This complete keyboard solution is
designed to maximize your total productivity!
2. Feature Description
8 hot keys for “Internet Zone”
8 hot keys for “Multimedia Zone”
6 hot keys for “Windows
Compatible with Windows
2000, XP and Vista
3. Package Contents
Multimedia Keyboard
User’s Manual
4. System Requirements
Pentium 566 MHz or higher processor
Microsoft® Windows
2000, XP, Vista or later
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0 or later Netscape Navigator 4.73 or later, MSN Explorer, and
For Windows® 2000, ME, XP and Vista: 128 MB of RAM recommended
4 MB of available hard disk space
PS/2 port
“Sleep” hot key function is available if your system supports power management (ACPI) and has it
enabled and all the peripherals (e.g. VGA, Sound card…) are compatible with power management.